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What is a Value-Added Tax - VAT
A value-added tax (VAT) is a type of consumption tax that is placed on a product whenever value is added at a stage of production and at the point of retail sale. The amount of VAT that the user pays is on the cost of the product, less any of the costs of materials used in the product that have already been taxed.

More than 160 countries around the world use value-added taxation; it is most common in the European Union. But it is not without controversy. Advocates say it raises government revenues without punishing success or wealth, as income taxes do; it is also simpler and more standardized than a traditional sales tax, and there are fewer compliance issues. Critics charge that a VAT is essentially a regressive tax that places an increased economic strain on lower-income taxpayers, and also adds bureaucratic burdens for businesses.

Are there necessities in the GCC to get endorsement for new bookkeeping frameworks?

I don't have a clue about this. I think giving that your records have been closed down then you can utilize any bookkeeping framework including exceed expectations. The bigger your organization turns into the more standards should be pursued thus an acknowledged arrangement would be a superior choice.

Posted 21 October, 2018

When will VAT be actualized in UAE?

VAT will be presented in the UAE, alongside other Gulf nations, from the earliest starting point of 2018 at 5 for each penny.

Posted 21 October, 2018

Will private rent be higher in UAE with VAT?

No, private rent has nothing to do with VAT.

Posted 21 October, 2018

Why is VAT executed in the UAE?

The VAT was executed on Jan 1, 2018 in the UAE with the intention to influence a substitute wellspring of pay for the organization so it to can continue offering brilliant organizations to individuals when all is said in done. The VAT in like manner expects to lessen the UAE's dependence on oil as a wellspring of salary.

Posted 21 October, 2018

Salik Tag Activation

I just got a text from Salik saying my account number and the PIN, but for the life of me, I can't find where I put it in on their website. I might be dumb, but I did go to the Tag Activation and there wasn't anywhere to put them in.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Posted 21 March, 2018

When are enrolled organizations required to document VAT returns in UAE?

Citizens must record VAT returns with the FTA all the time (quarterly or for a shorter period, as the FTA choose so) inside 28 days from the finish of the expense time frame as per the strategies determined in the VAT enactment. The Tax returns will be recorded web based utilizing e-Services.

Posted 21 October, 2018

Recommendation needed: PWC alternative for global tax strategy for UAE based startup?

Help! I have a LLE in Fujairah and started to have clients in Europe and the US. Now the whole withholding tax issue has become pretty complex pretty quick and am not sure whether is should set up in Delaware additionally to at least to some extend minimize the tax burden (paying on income rather than 30% withholding on revenue..). I am trying to find a tax consultant familiar with especially US-UAE transactions that I can pay for a few hours to provide advice. A smaller PWC alternative or an individual... any recommendations ?

Posted 18 April, 2018

Is there any extraordinary reference to be utilized? (E.g. to coordinate VAT installment with specific VAT return)?

Whilst not affirmed, Citi envisions that your association's one of a kind FTA account reference as well as the applicable government form reference number should go with any electronic settlement with the FTA.

Posted 21 October, 2018

Would one be charged VAT for electronic shopping in UAE on goals, for instance, Souq, ebay or Namshi?

Yes, online shopping is applicable for the VAT to be charged with it.

Posted 21 October, 2018

Will heading off to the film theatres in UAE cost all the more once VAT is taken off?

No, it will charge less once the VAT is taken off from the film ticket.

Posted 21 October, 2018