After VAT kicking in, then getting engaged, the last thing I needed is my company deciding to cut 33% from my salary.

Employees have been leaving the company continuously, they're not making a great amount of money, and being the highest paid (Not that high, trust me), they decide "You're not doing anything so we decided to decrease your salary".

Ignoring the fact that I've been diagnosed with depression because of them, then 7 employees leaving the company over the span of 3.5 years (Without employing anyone in their place, and of course me taking whoever quit's job), I feel like I'm facing a dead end with them in my career.

I'm in a take it or leave it situation, and job hunt has been unsuccessful in the past month.

Anyone has an idea or openings for jobs in the automotive industry? marketing or PR or even product&pricing

Not the best place to request help/vent but this is really becoming difficult.

much love

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lostinabudhabi 2 years ago

Congratulations on your engagement.

[deleted] 2 years ago

2times34point5 2 years ago

It's okay man. Sometimes you need to reevaluate your priorities. I've done so recently. I'm leaving as soon as I can sell my car/house. Best of luck man :) hope you've had some fun along the way.

cyberkada 2 years ago

Ways to make the life for vast numbers of expats miserable. Most are not the rich Western expat working in oil or finance with their own villa, driver, car and several maids. Additionally, GulfNews and KhaleejTimes dont make it any easier with the almost daily articles on the latest government crackdowns in living arrangements (shared housing) and carlifts. Sorry only a very small few can afford their own flat and own vehicle, especially the vast numbers of those working in F&B and retail. Dubais dream seems to be to move this unwashed class far into the desert where 2 hour commutes both ways using taxis is the only possibility.

Razorback89 2 years ago

3 months of basic salary which is low. Dubai companies always play this card of giving you a good salary overall, but basic salary on contract is low. So, if I go and complain to ministry of labor, they'd give me 3 basic salaries (I'm guessing no end of service/gratuity?) and they could ruin my reputation amongst our clients ..

flyawaydubai 2 years ago

Some industries or countries are difficult to return home to compared to Dubai for most people here :/

AngryBigMac 2 years ago

Look on the bright side, now you can snitch to the Ministry of Labor with no fear of repercussions.

bravo632 2 years ago

If absconding is a reason because you arent getting paid then youre just asking for it. File a case with the ministry of labor and seek advise before shifting to a new employer to claim rights.

retroguy02 2 years ago

what makes you say that? back in 2009 everyone was saying that too, that Dubai is done for good and all that, but it did recover. I think that Dubai has become too big to fail at this point

cyberkada 2 years ago

First time salary is delayed for more than 10 days or salary cut will be my last month here. Guaranteed. Always have an escape plan. How some people go 6 months to 2 years without pay simply astonishes me. Simply amazes me how many people are jailed for absconding from work while not being paid by the employer. With the employer always or unusually deemed correct with no government sanction.

ballisticbanana999 2 years ago

I would truly leave. Not to depress you, but take it from a long-term former resident who left because of this: people don't seem to understand or get this. Dubai's glory days are NOT coming back. Everyone seems to think at the back of their mind that the boat is going to come in. It just isn't.

ItsBlackRedGold 2 years ago

It's not a take it or leave it situation. You have entered an (employment) contract that stipulates duties for both sides, you as well as the employer. If one of the parties would like to change the duties in the contract, the other party has to agree. If they change it against you will and without sufficient reason, you could easily claim arbitrary dismissal (up to 3 months of salary compensation in addition to whatever else you're entitled to). Check Labor Law Article 121 - the employer has to honor his/her obligations.

belabase7789 2 years ago

thats illegal!

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