Aliexpress shipping to UAE (Update with VAT)

Today received my 10$ earphones from aliexpress in Central Post office Abu Dhabi .. Below are the list of charges i have to pay.

Public PO Box Fees : 15 AED Admin Fees : 10 AED Declared Value VAT : 0.75 (Seller declared 3 $ as item price) VAT Amount : 1.25 AED Total : 27 AED

So i end up paying around 27 AED for 36 AED earphones. Last year the cost was flat 5 AED.

Is there any cheaper solutions to get international shipping?? Is the charges same in dubai as well ?

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sbishnoi2 2 years ago

I think VAT anyways you have to pay on declared value.

aouniat 2 years ago

Why are people paying vat? I've ordered several items on ebay/aliexpress after Jan 1, and I paid nothing. Does this only apply to public PO Boxes?

Alexandria1970 2 years ago

Those fees are for collecting the VAT, as informed by the local lady working at the post office.

sbishnoi2 2 years ago

Looks like starting this year emirates post started charging flat fee of aed 10 as admin fees..not sure about this

uaexemarat 2 years ago

What are the admin fees?

sbishnoi2 2 years ago

I think you have to use public PO Box number ..

Farstabadet 2 years ago

Hey guys. Often when ordering from online outside of UAE, I do not recieve my product. How do I ensure I recieve my product? For example, sending it to a post office in Dubai rather than my apartment?

AMysticalAlliance 2 years ago

Order from Banggood, they have fixed rates for import duties.

Rastapugo 2 years ago

I got a 150USD action figure. Seller declared 35USD so i paid around 20aed. I got some 3aed bowties as well. paid 15aed. Lesson: Just order the ones that you really want/expensive/ cannot find in dubai items and you're fine.

cyberkada 2 years ago


EGYHEX 2 years ago

last order i received at karama was the 120$ Massdrop Sennheiser PC37X I had to pay only 10 or 15 aed at the post office and thats it.

sbishnoi2 2 years ago

QCY-19 Bluetooth headphones

samipk1234 2 years ago

Ali express headphones were very cheap and of very good quality when compared to souq(especially the xiaomi ones), not the case now though.

samipk1234 2 years ago

That is not possible for Aliexpress orders as they ask for a PO Box, as for your question yes he will pay VAT as well as the courier charges which will be far more than Post office charges.

SanJunipero14 2 years ago

What if the package were to be shipped directly to your office address? how would you pay VAT if it were directly delivered to you?

DaedalusMinion 2 years ago

I had to pay AED 37.50 on my headphones that just cost $100. Last year it cost me AED 15.

jaysimqt 2 years ago

What earphones were they?

dxborangevest 2 years ago

The local marketplace is pants.

sbishnoi2 2 years ago

here on souq its like 110 AED ..regardless question was how to get cheaper shipping as i don't have a dedicated PO BOX.

TheModernPaean 2 years ago

If they were just $10, couldn't you get similar ones here?

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