Aliexpress shipping to UAE (Update with VAT)

Today received my 10$ earphones from aliexpress in Central Post office Abu Dhabi .. Below are the list of charges i have to pay.

Public PO Box Fees : 15 AED Admin Fees : 10 AED Declared Value VAT : 0.75 (Seller declared 3 $ as item price) VAT Amount : 1.25 AED Total : 27 AED

So i end up paying around 27 AED for 36 AED earphones. Last year the cost was flat 5 AED.

Is there any cheaper solutions to get international shipping?? Is the charges same in dubai as well ?

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sbishnoi2 11 months ago

I think VAT anyways you have to pay on declared value.

aouniat 11 months ago

Why are people paying vat? I've ordered several items on ebay/aliexpress after Jan 1, and I paid nothing. Does this only apply to public PO Boxes?

Alexandria1970 11 months ago

Those fees are for collecting the VAT, as informed by the local lady working at the post office.

sbishnoi2 11 months ago

Looks like starting this year emirates post started charging flat fee of aed 10 as admin fees..not sure about this

uaexemarat 11 months ago

What are the admin fees?

sbishnoi2 11 months ago

I think you have to use public PO Box number ..

Farstabadet 11 months ago

Hey guys. Often when ordering from online outside of UAE, I do not recieve my product. How do I ensure I recieve my product? For example, sending it to a post office in Dubai rather than my apartment?

AMysticalAlliance 11 months ago

Order from Banggood, they have fixed rates for import duties.

Rastapugo 11 months ago

I got a 150USD action figure. Seller declared 35USD so i paid around 20aed. I got some 3aed bowties as well. paid 15aed. Lesson: Just order the ones that you really want/expensive/ cannot find in dubai items and you're fine.

cyberkada 11 months ago


EGYHEX 11 months ago

last order i received at karama was the 120$ Massdrop Sennheiser PC37X I had to pay only 10 or 15 aed at the post office and thats it.

sbishnoi2 11 months ago

QCY-19 Bluetooth headphones

samipk1234 11 months ago

Ali express headphones were very cheap and of very good quality when compared to souq(especially the xiaomi ones), not the case now though.

samipk1234 11 months ago

That is not possible for Aliexpress orders as they ask for a PO Box, as for your question yes he will pay VAT as well as the courier charges which will be far more than Post office charges.

SanJunipero14 11 months ago

What if the package were to be shipped directly to your office address? how would you pay VAT if it were directly delivered to you?

DaedalusMinion 11 months ago

I had to pay AED 37.50 on my headphones that just cost $100. Last year it cost me AED 15.

jaysimqt 11 months ago

What earphones were they?

dxborangevest 11 months ago

The local marketplace is pants.

sbishnoi2 11 months ago

here on souq its like 110 AED ..regardless question was how to get cheaper shipping as i don't have a dedicated PO BOX.

TheModernPaean 11 months ago

If they were just $10, couldn't you get similar ones here?

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