Any Americans living in London filing tax returns here?

My friend (American), who's lived here for 2 years just found out he should be paying US tax - on top of paying UK income tax. Is this right? Seriously - Americans have to pay tax twice?

Is there a way to estimate how much he should be paying?

edit: thanks all, doesn't sound like you have to pay unless you're earning a lot, but he's now in touch with an accountant to sort it out. Cheers.

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scorpio_on_blue_moon 9 years ago

Or just go there & employ yourself in Israeli army. Why work somewhere else?

Kaer 9 years ago

If you pay less taxes in the country you are living in, then you need to pay taxes. Otherwise you still need to file. This is the same for Australians (like myself) as well.

dougb 9 years ago

Cut out the middle man and mail your check straight to the Israeli embassy in London.

jamierc 9 years ago

Out of interest, does that mean the American state pays benefits to its citizens living abroad earning below a certain amount, or unemployed?

AdamantEve 9 years ago

Yep, you need to file, but won't pay unless you earn over (about 90k). She also needs to fill Out a change of address form (8822 or 8830 or ???) Can't remember the form number off the top of my head, but if she can't find it PM me and I'll Find it. Also, I just learned from another expat that you are liable for taxes on earnings from property that you sell here.

Larph 9 years ago

My missus is an americano in London. You need to file your taxes every year. They will probably not take anything off you if you are not earning more than $90k, but you still need to have record of filing them. I believe there's an IRS office at the embassy in Grosvenor Sq. Edit: did you know that the US is one of the only countries in the world that taxes it's citizens that live abroad? _

[deleted] 9 years ago

You can never escape the long cold arm of THE MAN.

jamierc 9 years ago

I've no idea - somebody mentioned it to my friend today, who is now panicking. It sounds ridiculous to me - why (and how?) could you pay taxes in 2 countries at the same time. My only thought is that you still have to file a nil return. No idea - but am trying to check it out for them.

PortConflict 9 years ago

You still have to file for US tax ON TOP of UK tax? What the hell?!

jamierc 9 years ago

Thanks - actually quite liked the website! Have sent a message. Cheers.

[deleted] 9 years ago

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