Bad idea? Tax accountant come to Dubai?

I have been in and out of Dubai since July looking for work. I am a Canadian with a U.S. passport. I still have some work back in the States that will be finishing up very soon. I was a Tax Accountant in Texas for the last six years and have an MBA. Dubai is tax free. I do not have a CA.

I have had a few interviews and been in contact with many recruiters. However, nothing stuck and I didn't receive any (reasonable) offers. Most the recruiters contacted me for tax positions, the few their are. I have not had much luck hearing back from them; though all told me the interviews with both themselves and the companies were positive. I have since changed my CV to General Ledger Accountant rather than Tax Accountant.

So, any tips or advice on how to proceed from here? I have lots of other accounting experience so I have not been focusing on tax. If so, whom should i get in touch with? What steps do I take now that I feel I've eliminated many of the initial ones?

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shawngood1 6 years ago

Real estate should (hopefully) be good with the upcoming Expo 2020. Did you see the giant sign that said "there is no real estate bubble" in the marina last month? If ever there was an indication of a bubble, that would be it. What jobs would you recommend in this sector though? Where would I start? Entry level, working accounts, sales? I wouldn't know where to look or begin.

shawngood1 6 years ago

I will follow up with PWC again. I put in some applications and interviews for companies with offices in both the states and here. However, that was during Ramadan and I was told that is not a good time to look for a job. I will revisit those firms. Primarily in the Dubai Media City and the Dubai Internet City, right?

shawngood1 6 years ago

I did internal auditing for a year with an engineering firm. I would gladly look into it again. I was contacted by someone indirectly (not working for D&T) that asked me about D&T. We talked for a week (this was earlier in December), but I have not heard back since. I will do a follow up with Deloitte directly. Thanks for the suggestion.

[deleted] 6 years ago

You should really get in contact with any firms that has a company over there AND here. The financial sector is huge here next to tourism and real estate but most people I know worked somewhere like PWC then got transferred/hired here internally via their local branch.

gutterandstars 6 years ago

Heylo, would you be able to crossover into auditing?? Deloitte's backbone is the audit side n perhaps they're looking for people with strong accounting skills?

Bittersweet7 6 years ago

Leave accounts, why don't you think about becoming a real estate agent. ??

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