Businesses/Companies that are absorbing the VAT

They are the heroes so I suggest we make a list and start supporting them. I'll start: McDonald's. The prices haven't changed at all. So i will continue to buy breakfast there. Ikea has not changed the prices either.

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OMGimsoawesome 2 years ago

Just got one yesterday to check and I'm glad to report that's the only item on their menu that didn't increase.

Veamous 2 years ago

Fitness First are greedy mother fuckers, I wanted to renew before the 1st but since it would start in JAN they told me it would be taxed. None of their offers are also a set price, you could get 4 months for 1,799 AED while a friend of yours get 6 months for the same price with the same benefits, it all depends on who you sign up with.

ThatGuyOverYonder 2 years ago

Thats not true - definitely increased prices

cyberkada 2 years ago

Microsoft is...

pinXgauer 2 years ago

Thanks. I was trying to find out about this, because I had received a heads up form my health insurance broker. Obviously, I wasn't happy about it, nor convinced that it may be done. Out of curiosity, where did you get this information from?

akcss 2 years ago

I was told that the McDonald's cone which was aed 1 is now 2.

akcss 2 years ago

Fitness First is owned by Landmark Group. So, I am not surprised.

akcss 2 years ago

Al futtaim will make that up by looting you in service.

AMysticalAlliance 2 years ago

KFC, All prices have been reduced so that after VAT you pay the exact same price as last year.

AMysticalAlliance 2 years ago

KFC, All prices have been reduced so that after VAT you pay the exact same price as last year.

bladewidth 2 years ago

The so called Pierre Cardin of automobiles has increased their evergreen discounted prices

FraudMallu 2 years ago

On this topic, please note all transitional insurance policies (i.e. policies which have a 2017 start date and expire in 2018) will have VAT for pro rata period from 1st Jan 2018. But for individuals who have motor policies, most of the insurers have decided to not charge for the transitional policies. Corporate clients will have to pay VAT.

7ambo 2 years ago

Well I do know a lot of car dealerships announcing they would absorb the VAT. Its probably best since they would see a decline in sales after VAT introduced.

samesdd66 2 years ago

I second that , I ordered a meal with standard drink they chargef me 27 it used to be 24.

shazraz 2 years ago

I got an email from freedom pizza saying they won't be changing their pricing. These guys are da real MVP. They'll be fulfilling all my pizza grovelling desires for the foreseeable future.

yopla 2 years ago

Are you paying every month? Then yes. They have to charge by law because it's a new transaction every month. Are you paying by year? Then no.

salluks 2 years ago

Most banks are also absorbing as there is a central bank notice to do so.

jony_86 2 years ago

theory and common sense say no. The transaction already took place before VAT. It was declared before VAT got introduced. But in practice, just pay and stay quiet. Don't cause any broblem habibi

Rastapugo 2 years ago

What i dont get is memberships. Fitness First is charging VAT for the remaining months that i have left even though I already paid for them last year. Are companies allowed to do that?

rizwan89 2 years ago

I went to their restaurant and they had charged VAT but included it in the bill. The final price was still the same. I had McD's the day before. Maybe they increased it now? Edit: rephrased.

TornScrote 2 years ago

Yeah kadak was still aed 3 when I bought it on the 2nd so I'm siding with OP on this one.

jony_86 2 years ago

i ordered on the phone. The bill came showing "VAT collected" and the prices saying "including VAT" but i didn't pay extra from what I used to pay before. Sausage mcmuffin with egg is still 14 aed.

AkaClarky 2 years ago

Can confirm. Ordered McDonalds on the 1st and was charged VAT.

jony_86 2 years ago

that's called absorbing the vat as they have reduced the selling price to accommodate vat. Which means you as a consumer are not paying VAT if you buy there.

truthhurtsman1 2 years ago

Sigh. McDonalds have introduced VAT. Go to the online menu, order something and then see the final bill before you pay, thier prices just don't include VAT on the menu. As soon as you go to pay it will add on. And even if they did absorb it, its freaking McDonalds, not a minnow in the world of fast food.

confydubai 2 years ago

car dealerships such as Al Futtaim arent exactly absorbing VAT, they still will charge VAT but will sell the car for a bit less than last year which will eventually mean the same price with VAT included

jony_86 2 years ago

i understand. But have you seen what's happening around? Other companies have increased by 10% and added tax. It's so abusive. Someone here posted the KFC bill and it showed a hike. So until they raise the prices I will be supporting companies that absorbed the tax. As a consumer, how else can you fight back?

minyoooongi 2 years ago

They were anyway making a profitable margin before VAT. So absorbing the VAT isn't really that heroic. They are just making lesser profit now but this is helping them acquire customers because "oh they didnt increase prices how nice of them i love this brand" mentality. Sure, after a few months, they will increase the price but in a very subtle manner.

jony_86 2 years ago

yes, ikea has cut down their portions...

jony_86 2 years ago

have you bought there after jan 1st ? it doesn't look like it

Muhaisnah4 2 years ago

Or maybe they've cut down their portions. I doubt any business will absorb VAT.

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