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I know similar questions have been asked before, and I am trying to speak to a human in my council (hammersmith and fulham) but it's impossible. I moved into a new property in August, I tried to set up a direct debit with the council. As I found it impossible both through the phone or online, I decided to pay every month through the webpage using the bill that got sent to us when we moved in. Is this wrong? I am trying to set up the thing again, I am an EU citizen and want to have my name in as many bills as possible to prove that I have been living here.

I'm really sorry if this is a silly question, but I really don't know who to ask

Thanks for the help

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Hjws27 1 year ago

In my experience with Lambeth (3 flats) they take a while to set it up. Did you set up online? It may be worth giving them a call and seeing whether they've received your request and when it will be processed.

sidolin 1 year ago

I've only ever really had to deal with the council to get a parking permit, but if just go to the Town Hall in King Street you'll find real humans there. Up the escalator to the side.

Lolworth 1 year ago

Indeed, and it should be entirely possible, after all thats how the vast majority will be paying

DiscoParrot 1 year ago

Somewhat related question - I set up a direct debit on the Lambeth Council website last week, but I checked my bank account this morning and it hadn't been taken out. Should I chase them up or just leave it?

8un008 1 year ago

You could always try going to their offices in person if you are having trouble getting through to a human. It might take more time, but atlas there are people there that you could talk to about it.

lgfa92 1 year ago

You can set up the Direct Debit online -

tollillo 1 year ago

I managed to speak to a human today, mentioned setting up a direct debit and he sent me back to the beginning of the stupid phone call AGAIN. I almost throw my phone off the window I'll report back too if there is any developments

Oddworld_Inhabitant 1 year ago

Mate are you me? I've just moved into Hammersmith and it's like they don't want my money. I can't help at the moment but if get things sorted I'll report back.

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