Custom Duty & VAT

Hi, my friend is sending a laptop from Canada via Xpresspost International post, its refurbished laptop.

I want know how I will pay the custom or Xpresspost will pay on my behalf & I pay them while receiving it and the custom duty calculated on total amount including or only I have to pay for item price.

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kingpin_dxb 1 year ago

He will pay 5% customs and 5% VAT. So AED183 +/- on $500

Fra7ernity 1 year ago

It's already on the way.

SAKdxb 1 year ago

Both customs duty and vat would be payable on CIF value

kingpin_dxb 1 year ago

You are better off sending it with someone who's flying from Canada to here. No customs and no VAT. Otherwise, ask him to send it as a personal gift. I do not think any customs or VAT applies to gifts since there is no value declared.

Fra7ernity 1 year ago

Actually 500$ CAD is item value & 200$ is shipping

plaisance 1 year ago

From my understanding, you will need to pay 5% VAT on the amount your friend has marked on the parcel. There shouldn't be any other customs charges.

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