Diesel Car Tax in London

I've been trying to research this subject but all I can really see if a couple of Guardian articles.

I just bought a car, and it is a diesel. To be honest, no reason why. I'm no motor head, I just liked the look and that it had a sat nav.

Now I see that Islington want to charge me an extra 100 to park the car. So I did some research and there's a proposal for a 10 per tax for green zones in London that's been proposed. Does anyone know anything about this, it's likelihood of enforcement and time frames?

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teh_killer 4 years ago

No it's 64 plate so probably just about the absolute worse time haha. To be honest, I understand the noise and I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. But I hope those making the noise will realise many people bought their diesels without knowing fully their impact on the environment (and many bought theirs to actually reduce it), and how costly it could be to replace the cars.

nomisdp 4 years ago

Is it a brand new car? If so it might comply with the ULEZ already. As others have said it's currently scheduled to be in place in 2020 covering the same area as the congestion charge zone, but there's a lot of political noise to make it bigger, stricter and sooner

TheAnimus 4 years ago

You might find this article kind of interesting. 'satnav' functionality, without the sats!

philipwhiuk 4 years ago

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teh_killer 4 years ago

Thanks for the info. Do you think it'll have a time constraint like the congestion zone?

greymutt 4 years ago

Someone really ought to make a satnav that works in other types of car.

philipwhiuk 4 years ago

High. It will work like the congestion charge. Diesel cars produce large amounts of nitrogen dioxide and there's huge concern right now about the number of pedestrian deaths due to it - especially on thorough-fares. The term you want to look for is Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) For timeframes see If anything that date of 2020 is likely to be brought forward not pushed back. The government has until the end of the year to draw up an air pollution clean up plan (ruling from the UK supreme court) and this may involve reducing the timescale for implementing the ULEZ:

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