Driving license late renewal fees?

Hey everyone, does anyone know how much do you pay for each late month after your driving license expire when you renew it ? My license expired 6 months ago and I was out of the country and I’m just wondering about the fees.

Ps: I have RAK license.

Update: went to RAK Police HQ today, payed 60 in late fees, 100 for vision test and 300 for license valid for 10 years. No VAT at all.

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mowilliams0 2 years ago

what about car renewal ?

Happy0vi 2 years ago

Thank you !!

Shumayal 2 years ago

License is federal. It doesn't matter if you got it in RAK or Dubai or AUH. The standard fine is 10 dirhams per month of delay + renewal fees. This was valid last time we renewed for my family member in 2016 after forgetting about it... Don't know if they increased the prices now and +vat yeah :P

Happy0vi 2 years ago

Wow ???? I just wanna renew it to put my mind at ease

fourfiftyms 2 years ago

Mine expired 2 years ago, it's a 200dhs fine if they pull you up on it. I've made insurance claims, paid traffic fines, even got points on it while it was expired. Everytime I'm pulled over and the police ask for it they don't care.

vanting_too_much 2 years ago

not sure + VAT

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