Emirates Post heads-up: Receiving a package now costs 10AED + VAT

So yesterday I went to the post office to collect 2 small packages from Aliexpress. Ended up paying 20+3 AED to receive them. When I asked, they informed me that all packages (even books!) are now charged 10AED + VAT each, apart from documents. I had to wait twice: first to claim the packages, second to pay for their fees and receive them. Thoughts?

Edit: Private / rented PO Box.

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Greg_dxb 10 months ago

Just go back from Jumeirah Post office. Received small parcel. Instead regular fee of 5 AED I paid as follows: Public PO Box Fees: 15AED Admin Feed:10 AED Tax: 3.25AED was quite surprised..

ablrockz 10 months ago

Now if thats rented, does anyone know the public PO Box fees?

jony_86 10 months ago

wow hey now

Alexandria1970 10 months ago

That's a good question. I wonder would they just slip it inside the mail box or SMS you to come and pay...

hushfap 10 months ago

What about the untracked, direct in the box itself packages, The China post ordinary mail ones?

problem_me 10 months ago

weird! i just received a book shipped via DHL and they didn't charge me anything. just brought the book and that's it.

ReDevil966 10 months ago

Where's the innovation fee?

Shd777 10 months ago

Ended up paying for 6 packages. Would have been nicer if it was announced a little in advance.

edpanes 10 months ago

and the service fee is worth more than the item i just bought from aliexpress...

almost_dubaid 10 months ago

And if you dont like this, you can leave Dubai.

earthymalt 10 months ago

Tape them all together and create one MASSIVE package!

burksterdxb 10 months ago

I got a call from DHL too, this morning, asking me to pay for VAT for recieving shipment. (Mostly CDs)

Alexandria1970 10 months ago

Consolidate. From now on I will look for Aliexpress sellers who offer ALL the parts I need, to ship everything in one package.

Revert_Von_Needful 10 months ago

10AED here, 5AED there, 12AED over there, 15AED just here, oh don't forget VAT for all just never ends.

Here_I_Am_What_Now 10 months ago

Yeah, I picked something up on my private PO Box and had to shell out something around that.

spaceman3000 10 months ago

Seriously? I'm getting hundreds of packages from AE :/

Jazon-X 10 months ago

Wow, Yesterday? I was just there yesterday and had to pay for two packages as well. It was 11.50 So they found a way to make more money from AE Packages? Postbox is a Private one. Not a Public one.

wazaaaaaaa 10 months ago

missing an essential information: public PO box or rented PO box? If public then it kind of makes sense for the charge, if rented then it's plain stupid charge

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