Expat requring TIN (tax number)

I've been an expat here for several years in Dubai, and upon opening a UK Bank account I've been requested to provide a Tax Identifiable Number (TIN) or similar.

Obviously we don't have income tax here, so individuals don't have standard Tax/SSN numbers.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm wondering if I should provide my Emirates ID number instead.

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pimple_in_my_dimple 2 years ago

Yes just put in your EID No.

theblahking11 2 years ago

I used to put emirates id number in all such questions

zubinho85 2 years ago

The UK doesn't used TIN numbers. The closest we have is National Insurance Number.


Put n/a because uae doesn't issue one.

spaceman3000 2 years ago

Are you British national? If so you already have TIN there. If not you can apply for one in UK.

[deleted] 2 years ago

There's normally a box that you check and it says something along the lines of TIN being N/A

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