How much does it cost to live in Dubai and what salary do you need for a decent standard of life?

I know there is no right answer for this question, but i'm interested in peoples opinions. I've been to Dubai many times - I go every year almost as I have some family and friends there. I'm considering moving. I love it but I've found Dubai has got incredibly expensive in the last few years. Most of the people I know have big jobs and make a lot of money. I currently work for one of the big technology companies in sales/marketing - so I'd be looking for a comparable job in Dubai - but I have no idea what the salaries are like and what sort of standard of living it would give you.

I'm wondering can anyone give a ballpark as to what rent costs in the main places to live that are not crazy expensive but nice. I'm thinking JLT or maybe JBR or something similar. What about utilities and other expenses? I keep hearing how Dubai may be tax free but they get you on other stealth taxes. Water and electricity are not cheap and even things like your driving licence.

If you were a sales/marketing manager for a tech company - can you live in a nice area, have a good lifestyle and still save a decent amount of money?

Sorry if the questions are stupid but any insight into costs would be appreciated.

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TA624863 2 years ago

You forgot Internet + mobile data

TA624863 2 years ago

50k is like just okay-ish

The_Valiant_Seahorse 2 years ago

Food is waaay low in your estimate. Not sure gym should be included since most buildings have one.

tipsyemirati 2 years ago

Thats on the very low end living in mirdiff or something

zascar 2 years ago

Ok thanks - what about a wife but no kids, a 2 bed, and a decent lifestyle - we are moving to dubai after all we want to enjoy ourselves. Where is a good value location to live?

[deleted] 2 years ago

15-17.5k is reasonable with plenty of space to have fun and save

ballisticbanana999 2 years ago

As I've said in my other comments, get that rent down. I probably spent 1000-1400 a month on eating out, and I still saved.

ballisticbanana999 2 years ago

I did a good life with decent savings on far less than 25k. Living in JLT or Marina is just silly overpopulated garbage. Keep rent and transport low, and pay yourself your savings each month, and you'll be ahead of 90 percent of the Western crowd. Source: was a Westerner in Dubai. I made less than 20k and had a 30 percent savings rate. I still enjoyed ( mostly happy hour) drinks with friends, very regular meals out. How? I had a cheapish but good condition car, cooked some meals at home, and lived in IMPZ. If anyone makes 25k and can't save at LEAST 11k of it, they are doing something badly wrong.

ballisticbanana999 2 years ago

I would say that you would need about 9k AED to live a simple but decent life, including a few simple treats. I'll happily post a breakdown if anyone would like.

Good_Abiding_Citizen 2 years ago

If you're a fan of surprises, include RTA fines.

Jesala9527 2 years ago


dzidzig 2 years ago

25 K is good to start with

DXBtoDOH 2 years ago

Sales/marketing manager jobs and salaries tremendously vary that it's difficult to give you what the average is. You are worth what someone is willing to pay you. I've known Western sales/marketing managers making 50+ and non-western sales managers making 5k (and non-western sales/marketing managers also making 50+). Rule of thumb for me is: Single with no wife and family and wanting a western lifestyle in a decent area like JLT or Marina, you need to be making around 25k a month in order to pull off substantial savings as well. This is the minimum. And it goes up from there, exponentially, when wife and kids are involved. A family of four needs around 50k.

paulgali 2 years ago

I spend 1500 on food alone eating in. How do you survive bruh

truthhurtsman1 2 years ago

I'll try provide a reasonable cost of living for an average: Single Person, Non-Smoker and Drinker (big assumption in terms of expenses) who is able to cook their own food, reasonably active/fit/healthy with a simpler then most taste in clothes and fine dining: Rent of 1BR in JLT (average quality): 6-6.5k DEWA (water, electricity) Bills: 500-600 AC: 500 Food (home eating): 500-600 Food (going out to eat): 500-600 Gym: 350-400 Car Rent/Finance: 1000-1500 or Metro + Taxi: 500-1000 Activities every month: 500 Rough Total Expenditure: 10k Can you live a lot cheaper then this? Yes. Room sharing will reduce that rent significantly. Taking Metro EVERYWHERE also. It's just a upper boundary sort of number. After that it's how much you would like to save.

1Deerintheheadlights 2 years ago

You would need to provide a lot of details to get an answer. Both about your current location, style of life, salary/job, stage of life (married, kids, etc.), and what you expect here.

I_bang_crewgirls 2 years ago

Alot of money

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