How much TAX would you pay back home?

Let's think positive for a few minutes. :)

Me I would have to give roughly 50% of my income salary as tax. Then everything would have a 20% VAT (Except food at 5.5%). I would then pay around 2500 AED/year as housing tax.

I remember my last year back home, I got a bonus that pushed me up a tax bracket and 90% of my bonus went into paying the additional taxes... It was... so... so... I can't even...

In exchange for that I would get nearly free school all the way to a PhD, cheap healthcare (except eye and dental), some limited unemployment benefit and I'd be paying for a retirement system that will probably stop existing before I can benefit from it.

5% is meh. I'm still get much more available income here than there.

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yakodman 2 years ago

Yeah its so harsh living here in the middle of the desert (lol) Prices do not change the tax gets added on only?

yakodman 2 years ago

Well his country wont accept labor class in. They will just abuse them by contracting them in multinational factories and outsource some serious abuse (technology, clothing, building materials etc). Here everyone has a chance to make something of himself and be protected by law. Becoming a citizen was never offered in return and people have chosen to come regardless and try hard to get jobs for relatives back home because its better and they are welcome here and protected.

soapy-duck 2 years ago

45% on income and 20% VAT, the UAE adding VAT whilst annoying doesn't really bother me as long as my income isn't taxed i'm more than happy out here

yopla 2 years ago

Yes that's a problem with VAT in general. Lower income people spend a larger part of their salary on basic necessities every month so they pay more VAT in percentage of income (not in total amount). The government should have exempted first necessity goods like at least basic food items to offset it.

TenFoldMassacre 2 years ago

Its safe to assume youre a citizen of a developed country. You pay your taxes, the government gives you benefits such as medical insurance, student loans, unemployment contingency benefits and a reputable standard of living. Now think from the point of view of citizens of developing countries who come here because the tax system in their respective countries offer no perks due to corruption, war, mismanagement of public funds etc. who have no future in those countries and come here to earn whatever little money they can but their ability to save is further hindered by even a 5% tax. If the aforementioned expats were to settle in your country, they would pay taxes and eventually earn their citizenship and avail government benefits equally without any disparity. That is something that is not possible here. What youre trying to say makes no sense. Youve come here to earn money and save up like everyone else but you have your country of citizenship to fall back on who actually care for their citizens, unlike other expats here who have nothing if they were to leave. Youre privileged.

TurboShawarma 2 years ago

I left back family and social life I had, to live in middle of the desert where I basically can't walk outside for 6 months straight and live breathing AC air basically whole year...why? Because of money of course, and this money was not supposed to be taxed, it's the only thing that attracts people here...period. We do live a harsh life here, admit it...yes you have the malls but you spend whole summer indoors, that is not normal. You live different life here, let's not pretend...even the beer you drink is illegal probably, you live fake life hoping to save some and go back...or somewhere else. I can compare London vs Paris, salary and tax wise, or New York and Berlin, this is a valid comparison, but you cannot just compare numbers and say oh we have it so much better here. No you don't, you have to look at the whole perspective of life, which here is completely different than anywhere else in the world. And please stop saying it's 5% only when most prices went up 20% at least. Next thing you be saying oh 10% income tax, meh, still good...until it evens up one day.

phldxbxpat 2 years ago

The thing here is, even before they have no tax with items & services, it looks like it's already taxed. Implementing tax will affect everyone but mostly lower class level.

yopla 2 years ago

I'm not. But by curiosity aside from people who cannot go home because of war who here doesn't have more income here than back home?

21aii 2 years ago

Costs are generally cheaper in my home country even with higher taxes. I know I would never be poor there. If I wanted to raise a family it would 100% be in my home country.

monk_mst 2 years ago

I'm still get much more available income here than there. OK you are not from the lower middle class expat group. Good on you.

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