How to get driving license in Dubai. My experience :)

Since there is a driving license post almost every week, I wanted to share how I got my license. All the prices and process I’ll be sharing is before VAT and according to the RTA’s licensing system as of November - December of 2017. English isn't my first language so please feel free to correct me :)



Schools and Pricing :


After comparing and reading a lot about the schools on reddit, I chose to go to Belhasa. Registration is fairly easy and you need some documents. You can see the pricing for Belhasa in the attached link below. Some of these fees are from RTA so I believe its standard for every school. If anyone has the pricing for other schools please share with us.


Let me clarify little bit about the prices, there are few options you can choose from.


Regular (the cheapest option) AED 60 per class


2 days a week 4 classes per day. Totaling to 8 classes per week so it will take you 5 weeks to finish your 40 classes. Fixed timing and days. Which means if you choose Sunday you have to choose Wednesday. And the timing is fixed as well. 2 hours per day.


Me being the poor me, I chose this option. Luckily I work in a job where I get my off day on weekdays, so I chose Sunday and Wednesday 8.30am to 10.30am.


Shifting (Flexible) AED 100 per class


3 days a week 4 classes per day. Totaling to 12 classes per week so it will take you 3~ weeks to finish your 40 classes. You can choose the days and timings as per your linking!


VIP (Fastest) AED 150


4 days a week 4 classes per day. Totaling to 16 classes per week so it will take you just 2~ weeks to finish your 40 classes. You can choose the days and timings as per your linking.


Friday AED 80


Only Friday classes. Totaling to 4 classes per week so it will take you 10~ weeks to finish your 40 classes. There are 3 time slots you can choose from.


Weekends AED 150


Classes will be on weekends. Totaling to 8 classes per week so it will take you 5~ weeks to finish your 40 classes. There are 3 time slots you can choose from.


Night AED 70


2 days a week 4 classes per day. Totaling to 8 classes per week so it will take you 5 weeks to finish your 40 classes. One time slot only 8pm-10pm.


Students get student discounts, please refer the link.


*These are the options given by Belhasa, other schools might have better options at better rates, but personally I will recommend you to stick with Blehasa and EDI. My colleagues chose DDC and Galadari beacuse they got discounts.


If you already have license in your home country you can choose to have 30 or 20 classes!


If your license is 2-5 years old you can take 30 classes,


If your license is 5+ years old you can take 20 classes,


I had license in my country for more than 5 years, but I have been in Dubai close to 5 years, and in my country we drive on the right side. And roads and drivers are vastly different from Dubai. So I chose 40 classes even though I could have taken 20. If you are very good and confident choose 30! (I know I should have ???? cz it gets boring after sometime)



Registration :


This is fairly straight forward, go to any branch and tell them you want to open a file. You have to carry enough money for the registration and eye test. And you need these documents:


Passport or Passport and visa copies.


Emirates ID


4-6 Passport size photos


NOC – if you are in a category 3-5 job this is a must and it has to be with the seal of the company. This should be addressed to RTA and has to mention the category name** (In my case it was “License for **Light motor vehicle”). These are must and it won’t be approved if it doesn’t meet any one of the said criteria.


If you are on individual visa you need the NOC from the sponsor and his Visa page copy.


And if you want to deduct the number of classes you will have to carry the original DL from your country.


Eye test from a RTA approved test center. Cost 150-250dhs


You basically have to pay only the registration fee. But carry enough money to pay for the registration and the 8 theory classes. Around 1200 will be sufficient depending on your school. I paid 1500 DHS which included registration + theory classes and RTA theory exam fee (310 DHS)



Theory test :


You have to complete 8 theory classes before you can reserve your date for the exam. You have two options to finish your theory classes. You can either go to the driving center (Not the branches) sit through the lectures which usually happens on a weekend. Or you can do it online. I did it online and it was really easy and convenient. You can download the RTA app and do the mock exams, the mock exams have 80% questions from the actual exam. There are few videos to train you to understand the hazards. This is a bit tricky but choose the first hazard you see.


After this you go to your exam on the selected date and time. Click through it and you will get your results immediately. If you pass you can start your classes.


35 questions 5 videos total 40 marks. You have get above 30 to pass.



Instructors and Classes :


As I mentioned earlier I chose the cheapest option that was available, so I didn't get an option to choose the instructor but they told me I can change the instructor anytime I want incase I don't like the instructor.


Females have an option to get a male instructor with an additional cost of 10dhs per class.


Now the funny part is you never know how good or bad your instructor is until you compare him with someone else, but almost all the instructors in belhasa has good track records.


First day you have to drive inside the driving school for an hour. Just round and round it goes. Super boring if you can drive already but since I opted for 40 classes I had to do it.


I don't speak any language other than English and my mother tongue. So the classes were conducted in English and the instructor had fairly good communication skills. He thought me ALOT of things that I didn't know.


Unfortunately after doing 36 classes with the same instructor, he went on his vacation and I got another instructor.


Both were really good instructors, but both were using their phones while I drive and not really paying much attention to the road or my driving. I took this positively, thinking my driving is good enough for them to feel safe. Haha.



Parking and yard test :


After completing 16 - 20 classes ask you instructor to prepare you for parking test. Then if he agrees you will have 1-2 days classes dedicated for parking, emergency braking, and parking on a climb.

Parking test will be easy if you know what you are doing, local examiner will assess you. And if you fail one type of parking you only have to repeat that, but you will have to pay for extra classes and the exam fee again. So try to do it all in one go.


Tips -

Do not dry steer (turning the wheel when the car is stationary) this is an immediate fail.


Forget about the accelerator, just focus on the break paddle.


Even though it’s done in the yard and there will not be any cars around, do head checks and mirror checks. In the hill test there will be a stop line, make sure you stop there for 2-3 seconds.


Greet the examiner, wear nice cloths (I wore polo and chinos) and be pleasant. Subtle perfume will help ????


The girls and guys who went before me didn’t do head checks and they were nervous af. Take your time, you get 5 minutes for parallel and 3 minutes for angle and garage parking. That’s plenty!! So take your time. Actually I had to do extra maneuvers in the garage parking, but maybe because I did the imaginary head checks or because I smelled good…. he passed me! The whole exam took around 5 minutes to complete.



Night classes and Highway classes :



After the parking test you have to do more classes (Yawn), and you have to do one mandatory night class where they will teach you about lights and night driving- Duhh!! But this will be done independently from your normal class days so check your calendars.



Assessment test :


When you do around 36 classes you can do the assessment test. This is done internally without any involvement from RTA. This is where schools try to extract money from you. So be careful. Belhasa was pretty chill about the whole thing, but I did stupid mistake I changed the lane without examiner telling me to (I changed because every time I take that road with my instructor, he will shout at me for not switching the lane), that’s an immediate fail (not following examiners instructions) but since I pretty much nailed everything else he passed me and assigned me additional 12 classes which cost me 720dhs (60x12). ¯_()_/¯


After competing that test, you get your highway classes. Pretty fun stuff! You get to drive at 120mph in al-ain highway.


After highway classes you will have newly introduced “independent driving” classes. Which is kinda tough if you don’t know the roads, basically there are 3 routes from your driving school to nearby places assigned by RTA. You will have to independently navigate and drive to those places. Apparently they are going to implement this in the final exam from next year. Lucky for me, not-today good sir, not today.



Final test :


The moment you have been waiting for! The boss fight! Technically this is just like the assessment test which is done internally but now by RTA. Depending on your examiner you will have to drive for 5-15mins.




Same tips as parking test (See above)


Choose the time of your exam at round 9am to 11am, if evening at around 3-4pm. Basically make sure you choose a time when the roads are not that busy.


Check the door indicator, adjust the seat AND the steering. Adjust the mirrors. Turn back and ask the other passengers to fasten the seat belt, and say “thank you”


Check the mirror every 10-15 seconds, check before you break. Exaggerate these checks so the examiner will notice that you are checking.


Turn your head and check the roundabouts and intersections before you approach them (50m to 100m ahead), then check the center mirror before you slow down.


Be calm af, have a pleasant smile on your face.But don't drive slow or take too much time entering roundabouts and changing lanes.


Trust me, I finished my work at 12 midnight and went to “sleep” at around 2am woke up at 6.30am and my exam was at 9.10am. I was so bloody nervous I had nightmares of me failing the exam I didn’t sleep well at all. They will ask you to come 30mins early for the exam. This wait nearly killed me, I vomited a little bit in my mouth. LOL


Now the funny part is, when I got in to the car I asked me self


“Look If you had one shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture Or just let it slip?” – mom's spaghetti by Eminem


3 guys, 1 car, 1 examiner. My name starts with “Y” so I was going last.


1st guy – Drove extremely slow, he entered the freeway and drove at around 60kmh. And when he had to switch lanes he tried to kill us all.


2nd guy – he was driving on the right most lane which will turn right ahed and Examiner told him “drive straight in the main road” notice how he didn’t tell him to switch the lane?! This guy didn’t switch, the examiner repeated “go straight in the main road” but nope, he repeated again but this guy didn’t switch and he turned right. -_- you guessed it - Fail.


Me guy – Drove little above the speed limits where possible and switched lanes after doing all the mirror checks. I had to drive much longer than the other two guys. Around 10-15mins which felt like a lifetime.


Confidence is key. Trust me when I say this, drive like a driver not like a student. I passed in the first try.


Now I see people here complain how racist and how skin color will get you the pass. But I’m a brown dude from south Asia who doesn’t even speak any other language except English. I don’t know anyone at Belhasa or RTA (dunno if that helps at all, LOL) I didn’t do VIP in fact I took the cheapest option. No wasta.


Now this is what happened with me, it will be different for you and for everyone else. But I hope this will help you guys, and if you have any other tips and tricks please comment so anyone who refer this will learn. I learnt a lot of tips and tricks reading r/Dubai You guys are awesome!!

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qshahid16 1 year ago

If I am a student in my country does that make me eligible to get a discount. I have an ID card from college. Or do I require a certificate stating I study in so and so college?

mino206 2 years ago

Hey dude!! i failed garage and parallel twice before I succeeded today. The key is: 1) Take your time - break only, no accelerator 2) Know exactly what pointers to look for before you start 3) Follow the pointers (e.g., when third pole is at middle of your stop light, straighten wheels during parallel) 4) Over-use the head checks and all 5) Take a deep breath before you start, and remind yourself that you have all the time you need! Best of luck

princessandcats 2 years ago

Question for you guys: did you pass the parking test the first time around? If not, how many times did you guys take it before passing? I just failed for the second time today. ???? The first time, I passed parallel, emergency break and hill but failed garage and angle (yes, angle which is supposed to be the easiest one!). Today I took them both and failed again. Im feeling really stupid now especially since the examiner gave me another chance for garage. Its frustrating because during class I practiced both parking types for hours and pulled them off repeatedly without a problem! But come exam time, and I screw it all up. Im thinking it could be because the starting position was different because I feel like I was doing everything the same as in class, but the outcome was still different. In my next class I asked for a better instructor. I just feel so demoralized now, not to mention going broke from paying for repeat tests and classes.????

MrZooManX 2 years ago

I went to a driving school in al nasri al Sharjah, you just have to take 10 classes, two classes per day and all this for 1200 AED only.

unknownplan 2 years ago

( )

Redpillstorm 2 years ago

Confidence is the answer. I keep telling everyone. Drive like it's your girlfriend in the passenger seat, not the RTA guy. You will feel like a boss and be super confident. But don't start touching his thigh though.

TA624863 2 years ago

Listen to everything this guy says except final test. Know your shit, be confident, etc. Still doesn't mean you'll pass. So don't raise your hopes too much.

unknownplan 2 years ago

Sure, basically there are 3 routes starting from belhasa. Since my instructor was sure that I won't be getting tested by this method, he thought me only one route. As per him that's route number 1. Basically it was from behalsa to wafi mall and back. First round he told me which roads to take. Then when we returned back to jaddaf he told me to drive back to wafi mall. I had to follow the same route , switch lanes, know where to turn and maintain speed all on my own. You are not alone in the car, but the instructor won't tell you what to do. And when we returned he told me what I did wrong and how many mistakes I made :)

depressedboy407 2 years ago

Thanks for the informative post. :) I got my license one year ago so I didn't get to do that independent driving thing. If you did that, could you tell us how was it? And how were you supervised if you're driving alone in the car.

unknownplan 2 years ago

Woah very different from Dubai's system. This will definitely help. Thank you!!

[deleted] 2 years ago


FraudMallu 2 years ago

Great post. This should be stickied.

unknownplan 2 years ago

Thanks man! Hahaha haven't thought about it yet. Going back home for vacation soon, gotta save up. Any recommendations?

SanJunipero14 2 years ago

Well written and very informative. Congratulations on getting it in the first attempt! So which car are you gonna buy?

unknownplan 2 years ago

Glad you like it. Good luck!

[deleted] 2 years ago

Thank you so much! This is very helpful, I will be giving my assessment test sometime this month.

unknownplan 2 years ago

I read alot of posts here in r/Dubai before I take my exams. Thought of putting everything in one place :) It took some time to write all this, thanks for your kind words!

unknownplan 2 years ago

Yeah, I had one friend who passed everything in one go and somehow managed 3 accidents in the first month. One where he just hit a innocent sign post by going off the road _()_/

Way2go3 2 years ago

Give this man a medal.! Thanks for the informative post,. This should clear a lot of doubts

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