I need to find an accountant in London to deal with tax returns, recommendations?

What it says on the tin, its just to sort out my personal stuff some paye and freelance, thanks.

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MistaMagoo 7 years ago

They gave an extension until 2nd of feb!

san7a 7 years ago

Four days left to submit! ;-)

CensorAllTheThings 7 years ago

MistaMagoo 7 years ago

I live in tooting! Thanks I'll be dropping in to him tomorrow,

londonskater 7 years ago

My accountant is David Wavell at EMG Wandsworth/Tooting. Shabby offices but his costs are low and he's totally on the ball, always hassles me if I haven't signed anything. Gone through three previous accountants and glitter is overrated. David sorts it all out for me, company and personal.

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