Is tax included on higher education?

I know schools and such are not included on Tax. However, many universities took tax on the spring fee in advance saying higher education (Universities) is included in Tax.

So are universities in general included on Tax? Or, we will get our payment back?

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MalabariShawarma 1 year ago

It's sad to see higher education being taxed.

Lupiv 1 year ago

My uni sent a notice saying that tuition is not taxed, however activity fees will be.

Aussi245 1 year ago

If 50% or more is funded by government/locally then it is exempted from VAT. Otherwise yes VAT Is applied.

against_hiveminds 1 year ago

Ask yourself, would you truly be habby if you avoided paying tax on higher education?

Karam-96 1 year ago

Yes, private universities are subject to the VAT.

uaelaw112 1 year ago

I think it is. My uni sent a notice on VAT on all transactions.

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