Is there a property tax in Dubai for owning a home?

Does the UAE (Dubai) have any regulations on property tax? If I buy a home will I be charged a property tax as an expat?

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gpacera 2 years ago

Not exactly. There are 2 things: Annual Maintenance housing fees and DEWA housing fees. First is paid by the landlord annually regardless the property is occupied or not and god knows what is there beside the real maintenance fees. The second one is paid ONLY if the property is occupied (i.e. DEWA is connected) by either tenant or the landlord and this person who's registered DEWA is paying 5% of annual rent. How the fees are calculated if the landlord is there and there's no tenancy contract? Simple, they just take the market rate.

alanauss 2 years ago

Yup, there's an annual housing fees for freehold properties at 0.5% of the value of the property. Property Value is determined and tax collected by DEWA.

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