Local Service Business... Need Help!

I own a Landscaping company in Vancouver BC, Canada. I service 3 main cities which are Surrey, Richmond and Vancouver.

Should I create three separate websites focused specifically on each city to dominate each city?

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bokehmon22 2 years ago

Can you use multiple GMB and link to the same website? Is there any penalty.

JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

Home>Landscaping Surrey>Landscaping Richmond>Landscaping Vancouver>About>Contact Us

BubblesUp 2 years ago

Stick with one site, and have a page called Service Area. On that page list the different areas you serve, and do so in detail. Do not just list the town names, but add college campuses, military bases, parks, and anything that will catch people's eye. Then have individual pages for each of the three cities you serve. On the nav bar, they should be nestled under Service Area, and you also link to them from the Service Area page. Make sure that your title tags and meta descriptions for these pages are unique and specific to the contents of the page. Good luck!

okhosting 2 years ago


ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

You need multiple gmb's or you are just creating doorway pages. Do not do multiple websites.

beaglesbark2much 2 years ago

Your onpage structure needs to be good. 3 separate pages, Home (the main city or your location) plus two additional cities. Drive your incoming links into a niche page linking out to each of the other 3. Drive your specific city links to each individual page. Drive other high authority links to a general page and link out the cities. Multi-location SEO is pretty standard. Don't forget to have 3 separate GMB's all w/different telephone numbers...

TopPrimary 2 years ago

No, just create multiple pages.

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