Looking to import jewellery to Dubai from India.

I am a manufacturer of gold and diamond jewellery in India, i am looking to export the same to Dubai to sell. I have export licence on the name of my firm.Below are the few question i am unable to find.1. What is the criteria to sent jewellery to
Dubai ??2. What is process of bringing sample in Dubai to show to retailer to sell. Can i carry samples with me.3. Can i sell the samples post bringing them to Dubai if i get some buyer.4. Do i have to pay some duty other than VAT to export??5. I don't have any branch in Dubai will that is going impact in any way??6. Can i sell my samples on marketplace as i am getting space there as well.

I need answers of all above questions as i have my samples ready with me and want to send them to Dubai as i have few leads too. Value of my jewellery (gold and diamond rings) is $ 15000

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mmish10 2 years ago

Thanx man..

jcagara08 2 years ago

it already has been intimated, someone should revert him asap

mith_toon 2 years ago

You need to have a company registered in Dubai, to import items or find a company who can do it for you. If it's Gold Bars, it's duty free. Just need to pay the customs service charges. and 6. Yes, you can sell your sample here. You can import your sample via a company or under a personal name.

iffiamj 2 years ago

Someone please do the needful

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