Looking to relocate to Dubai from the UK

My girlfriend is moving to Dubai for a teaching position at the end of the summer, and I am obviously looking to relocate alongside her.

I work in taxation, although indirect tax which doesnt exist in Dubai (but is being talked about I think?), and so I am having some issues in finding a like for like job. What types of MNCs have big centres of operation in Dubai (or surrounding areas like Sharjah and Abu Dhabi - I am more than willing to commute!) and are any of you able to give me details of any finance/accounting/tax recruitment consultants based in the UAE?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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Twiger 7 years ago

I work for a company which uses a tax lawyer in Dubai, I am not involved in that part of the business, I dont even know the name of the company, but essentially we are dubai based, but have operations overseas which are taxed and need advice on what we should be paying where. There will be a reasonable number of freezone companies which require this sort of service. DIFC is full of multinationals regional offices, i suggest looking at all the big accounting firms based there as well as law businesses and the vc/pe banks Best of luck

TurboAndy 7 years ago

We definitely need a Partners left back in the UK support group!

Hinks 7 years ago

I'm in the same position but looking for job in the Media industry. Currently work for one of the big name Television corporations in the UK but there's little opportunity to transfer out. I'm currently signed up to a few job recruiters out there but does anyone have any experience of working in the Media there?

TurboAndy 7 years ago

Thanks, my background includes a couple of MNCs (P&G and Cemex) and Big 4 experience. My degree was accounting and financial analysis, so it's not like I have to definitely follow taxation as a route. Thanks for replying, much appreciated.

localmode 7 years ago

oi, i'm in Finance, having cut my teeth in a Big4, before switching to a PetroCompany. If your looking for tax consultancy, Dubai isn't for you. Its being talked about for a decade now, and imho it won't happen in this lifetime. With regards to MNCs, Dubai isn't a backward pearl village - every big name you can think of has an office here since it's also the primary gateway to MENA. (Except maybe manufacturing cos.) You might have to switch to Accounting/Audit/Porfolio Management/CTS to survive here. What's your age and qualification? Your best bet is to come here on a Visit and hound the Big4s, then move on after a year or two.

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