Mutual funds investment with NBD bank

Very limited knowledge when it comes to investment (first time to have little extra money that I want to invest), unfortunately investing back home isn’t an option not even having a bank account. I was looking into BeeHive and now I noticed that Enbd provides Mutual Funds investment option, has anyone tried it? Any thoughts in general about other investment options here?

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jazzb1 1 year ago

Management fees make or break a portfolio. Are you not tired of filthy rich fund managers lining their pockets whilst their funds are finding new depths? Check all the T&Cs.

mythodeath 1 year ago

What kind of mutual fund is it. Where and what do they invest into. Do you have to pay monthly yearly etc?. Can you get out of it whenever you want? What is the isin number. Google the isin number and you can read the reviews. Last but not least what are the mgmt fees. If the bank cannot or refuses to answer any of these or tells you it's in the data sheet read it. Then stay away from it.


Beehive have many costs, read it properly on their website, keep digging and you will find tons of costs associated.

pinkyponk 1 year ago

investing in low cost index funds with ETFs is probably a better bet. There are investment brokerage accounts you can open here like Saxo, IB etc.

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