Need a small, relatively cheap accounting software. Freshbooks or Zoho? (or what else is used in Dubai)


Or, any other recommendations you might have? Of course, should be "Vat ready" (lol I love that label). Freshbooks accepting CC payments on invoices you send out is really tempting me to go with that, as it eliminates the whole bank transfer issue. Zoho doesn't show that on their site, but do they do the same?

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ravir 1 year ago

Where is the option to generate FAF ?

paulgali 1 year ago

Perfect. We only do bank transfer rn so its a bit troublesome

paulgali 1 year ago

Makes sense. Boss likes them I think :)

ravir 1 year ago

Do both have the option to export the FTA Audit file for tax returns?

startuphameed 1 year ago

Zoho provides awesome after-sales support and the org recruits and trains under-privileged folks. So, am emotionally inclined towards them, surely. Check here for how you can enable CC payment with zoho. You need to have a PG subscription anyways.

phldxbxpat 1 year ago

i've heard that this accounting software on cloud is a good. sageone i've checked you can also generate the FAF files & Vat Return

djit 1 year ago


perplexedm 1 year ago

Tally ?

paulgali 1 year ago

I meant 'vat ready' as a joke - its like nobody saw it coming!!! We are very much an SME. No need for things like sage. Freshbooks looks nice with the CC payment available though :D

dirtwaffle 1 year ago

Have you heard of Easybookapp?

mysamabb 1 year ago

What is a FAFile?

biteyourankles 1 year ago

Accountant here, all accounting software are technically "vat ready" haha. Xero and Quickbooks are your goto for simple expense management for small companies. They are reliable but lack a bit of functionality you get from the enterprise services but effectively tick most boxes for what you need at your stage of the business.

lambardar 1 year ago

There is a requirement for a FA File. make sure whatever software you go with is able to provide you that file. in a nutshell, the FTA will ask you for a vat return file and an FAFile. the fa file will be a summary of all your tax invoices. I'm going with intuit's quickbooks.

dirtwaffle 1 year ago

Are they reliable?

asim2202 1 year ago

Been using Xero for years after trying out a few other platforms.

hustlebunnee 1 year ago

I agree with you Xero is great!

zyxx91 1 year ago


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