Need advice on UK Mortgage from HSBC Bank Dubai

27 male single from UK living here in Dubai. So question is I want to buy a house in the UK BUT do I get a mortgage in the UK or a mortgage to cover the house here? My company is 50% owned by HSBC so they are offering good rates (so they tell me)

Is this a bad idea? Do I get anything extra or better from getting a mortgage here like tax exemptions?

I must also point out that i'm not a first time buyer (names on parents mortgage even though I don't pay to it)

Thanks all for the advice and help

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StarfighterFoxtrot 3 years ago

Thanks, but I was asking about the advantages of getting a mortgage here in the UAE vs UK not the possibility

[deleted] 3 years ago

Are you advance or premier customer? Only premier customers in the UAE can purchase property abroad. However if you are an advance customer in the U.K., then you can apply for mortgage on that account.

IWantABebsi 3 years ago

Normally you get a mortgage from the country in which the property is located. AFAIK the only way to get a mortgage here to service a property in the UK would be to get a personal loan in UAE (assuming they will give you a personal loan of that amount).

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