Observations while shopping in last couple of days in Dubai

In last couple of days we (my wife and I) have been doing some shopping but carefully. For grocery, we went to Carrefour, Union, Spinneys & LuLu on same day because of all those posts and comments everywhere, and there were significant price differences on almost all items in all of the stores. As an example, price difference between Dettol's Hand Wipes (180 pack), in Carrefour was 42 and Spinneys around 35.25.

Another example is for Victoria's Secret (Mall of Emirates) for the buy one get one free offer at their store right now. On Thursday, we bought 4 gift sets of body mists 250 for 4 packs with this offer. Each gift set was 125. Today, they changed price to 150 per pack. We asked the employee there, first she denied. I had the receipt still in my wallet from the last purchase which I showed to her, then she changed her statement that "sir this is due to TAX". I told her TAX is starting from 1 Jan not today. Then she changed statement again, "sorry sir, price increase from the management". I mean seriously, WHAT THE HELL!

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yopla 2 years ago

They'll increase again. They are just easing you into it.

MintyMat 2 years ago

Where are these? Berries are so hard to buy at this price.

bladewidth 2 years ago

Supermarket nearby called baqer mohebi, though I find rest of their greens at par, today it was 7.95 again...this is the standard flat plastic box I guess something like 125 odd grams blueberries

edpanes 2 years ago

A box normally sells for 20+ at carrefour... So do tell us where

gemsy62 2 years ago

those are some cheap blueberries, where are you finding those!

fck_this_fck_that 2 years ago

Not sure about the rest of the posts about price increases. But I have noted price diffrences in diffrent Carrefour branches. The peanut butter brand I buy from the Carrefour I visit every week (Tecom) is set at AED 17.50 . The exact same PB brand at Carrefour in MoE costs AED 19.75. Like what the actual fuck.

sghazanfarali 2 years ago

Government I think only monitors price coming from Vendors directly, but not from the profit that super markets are keeping (correct me if i am wrong). If an item costs 20, and Super Markets sell it for 30 or 25, this is not monitored at all.

Razzler1973 2 years ago

That petrol is responsible for so much, oddly, when the oil price was high the prices never came down, did they ...

Eddy345 2 years ago

Case is same with price of water bottle Small grocery store sells for 2 dhs wherein Carrefour you get it 1.50 dhs

Eddy345 2 years ago

unlike India there is no MRP (Maximum retail price) system in UAE.So anyone can keep any price on anything as they wish.

ss6sam6 2 years ago

This is an old trick and they all play it, I once refused to pay 35 for cereal I used to buy for 17, why they are doing it? because they can and do not expect the majority of customers to be comfortable buying only the cheap items.

dharmabird67 2 years ago

The term for those below cost items is 'loss leaders'.

Zireall 2 years ago

I thought I was going crazy when I checked food prices on zomato.... my usual pasta was 35/40 and now its like 60 the fuck.

Zireall 2 years ago

I dont know what ya'll are doing asking the store employees these questions...

WhirlwindofWit 2 years ago

Arent their strict rules when increasing prices in Dubai? I think the government has to approve it all before they can implement it. Seems like the government would prevent this given how close it is to tax time.

Jazon-X 2 years ago

So the actual transition on 1st of January won't be felt as hard as it's expected.

engot101 2 years ago

Aaaaaand KFC just increased all of their meals/sandwiches by 1 aed. Snack box is now 13 aed from 12 aed. Will they increase again when the VAT hits? Or is this just conditioning the buyers and theyll just absorb the 5%?

sghazanfarali 2 years ago


sghazanfarali 2 years ago

Exactly. I think the same.

nwrzd 2 years ago

My company management hasnt give any of their staffs bonuses for the past 3 years due to increased cost of petrol.. :(

bladewidth 2 years ago

I bought a box of blueberries for AED 4.95, 5.95 and 7.95 at the same outlet over a space of 5 days :)

slackistanii 2 years ago

For grocery shopping, i've noticed that some outlets will start selling particular products below cost to attract people and at the same time they increases prices on other products to make up for that loss. Most of us would go in to their stores for that discount and end up spending the same amount. capitalism

slackistanii 2 years ago

i was once interviewing someone over the phone for an internship position and the girl was demanding to be paid higher because "petrol is getting expensive" she didnt make it to round 2

sghazanfarali 2 years ago

Carrefour was MOE always for us. Spinneys either Jumeirah / Karama. LuLu / Union in Barsha. We always heard Spinneys was expensive. But Lulu / Spinneys were considerably cheaper in most of the items. Especially in beauty / child products. I haven't tried electronics / gadgets thing yet. And noticably, some of the items that were marked cheap in Carrefour, were expensive when we paid. Had to return them back.

drukkleresy 2 years ago

In terms of Carrefour vs spinneys vs Lulu vs Union, was there any clear winner? I have also noticed that smaller Carrefour are expensive than the big one in MoE or Ibn batutta

SanJunipero14 2 years ago

Ive been noticing an upward trend in food items. It ranges between 10 to 15% ahead of VAT implementation. I fail to understand why its being done ahead of time.

bravo632 2 years ago

I remember when Burger King increased their Mozarella sticks back then (used to be 4 and it jumped to 7 at the time), when I asked why the increase, her statement was because petrol got expensive now.

sghazanfarali 2 years ago

sorry, i typed perfume, but it was mist. Corrected my first post.

tipsyemirati 2 years ago

Hmm I bought 2 large perfume sets from VS on the B1G1 sale, I got two 100ml perfume sets for 450 which makes them 225 each. The 100ml perfume alone is 350 without a set, i thought it was a great deal!

bystander1981 2 years ago

did the same thing in Europe before the Euro

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