One month of 2018. What has it done to/for you?

I'll start with myself.

  • Keeping an account of every Dirham I spend. Glad I'm finally doing this.
  • Optimizing our spendings i.e. vouchers and offers.
  • Driving more sensibly i.e. improved fuel economy from 12.3L/100kms to 9.7L/100kms. Petrol prices are going further up so I'm going to try to drop it further.
  • Figuring out that it's really hard to figure out the cost of VAT because most (food) places are absorbing it (in the bill) and I'm unsure if their base prices have increased or not.
  • Figured eating out/zomato is our second biggest expense after Rent.
  • Paused kid's therapy sessions cause Q4 of 2017 was bad and was anticipating a bad January(due to VAT). Mostly restarting it next week because we can't avoid it.
  • Drop in income. If my wife didn't chip in with extra work, this would have been my worst January since 2011.
  • February forecasts look bleak as well due to market being bad in general and people still over compensating for VAT.

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bizarreapple 2 years ago

Going to the gym more often to get more value from the annual gym membership. Have re-organized and given away/ thrown out a lot of clutter. Organized and hosted a party. Appreciate driving a fuel-efficient Japanese car. Using credit card more often to pay for purchases to get around silly decimal points on prices. Unexpected expenses when maid needed emergency dental work.

PatrolInSand 2 years ago

Oil price is increasing as they reduced supply, so the massive $$$ the ME gov't had before is not rolling in. They're just making more % profit per barrel, but not the huge cash mountains they use to 'help' the locals with all their 'benefits'. It'll be interesting to see what happens as the benefits a reduced/removed, you can already see the accelerated rates of getting locals into work in Kuwait and Oman.

PatrolInSand 2 years ago

Got the shafted at work by a colleague and then the "sorry but we don't need you, we'd love to keep you, but there's no opportunities at present to move you into" talk from the company HR. Job market has 1 offer since Jan4. Now planning of ditching all my stuff as it's cheaper to buy new back home than ship it. Gonna miss the car...

PatrolInSand 2 years ago

I've learnt how to cut vegetables with a knife like a chef which is cool I guess Only if you still have all your fingers ;) tried it myself and gave up.

fjfududururhdjis 2 years ago

I spent 0 dirhams for: clothes, shoes, electronics, watches etc. I didnt buy anything unnecessary, so I feel really good. I needed this refreshment.

plan_with_stan 2 years ago

January has been hard on me. Lost 10KG due to sickness and am only slowly recovering, cant eat what I want, work has been more stressful than ever, lost a friend to depression... feb... here I come!

gutterandstars 2 years ago

Definitely being more cautious with spends. Work has hit me like a tsunami n feel like Q1 is gonna fly by. Started two online courses to improve at work. Rejoined gym after a longggg gap due to baby... it's pointless trying to work 24/7. Need to make time for exercise. Work can wait.

FaisalKhatib 2 years ago

Depends on the SUV. Wife gets better fuel economy than me in her crossover even though it's heavier and has a larger engine. Go figure. I'd like mining for crypto to die. GPU prices are through the roof.

FaisalKhatib 2 years ago

No carbs as a Desi is almost impossible. Need to do the same. How does one even start... Ahhh..

FaisalKhatib 2 years ago

I was the same. Stuck in a viscous cycle. VAT kinda pushed me over and made me change things up. Cutting vegetables like a chef. I'm jealous. Whenever I try that I usually add red coloring to the food. ????

FaisalKhatib 2 years ago

Changing jobs is the impossible right now unless you can take a huge pay cut. Ditto on the cycling bit. My thighs are so out of shape. The best I can do with the car is clean and polish it to save money. ????

FaisalKhatib 2 years ago

Oil prices increasing isn't the solution anymore. Market is just too volatile right now and all the new costs aren't helping people's trust. Need to put the head down and survive this.

FaisalKhatib 2 years ago

Ditto but I've made certain changes to get out of the loop. Wasn't too hard but just needed some patience.

LoveisLife125 2 years ago

Make me more depressed about how little ive achieved with my pathetic life... other than that, I've learnt how to cut vegetables with a knife like a chef which is cool I guess

Razorback89 2 years ago

Got a pay-cut or resign deal from my company Started looking for other jobs and was offered 7K although I've been making a bit less than 20 for a couple of years I've done cycling for the first time in ages Started eating more healthy Took apart and fixed my car on my own and saved lots of money

clinthammer316 2 years ago

Keeping account of every dirham spent as well Cringing when fueling up my SUV :( Lost a little fat and retained muscle by working out 6x a week + going for walks after every meal. This has helped me drop my cholestrol levels by 40% and kept sugar under control. I used to workout 6x a week before as well but the weekend junkfood + Ben and Jerry's took its toll lol. Praying crypto markets rise in Feb!

FaisalKhatib 2 years ago

Well done and glad your dad's better now. ????

MikeBruski 2 years ago

Not just January, but ive lost 15kg since mid september. Went from 107 to 92. No more buffets, crazy eatings late at night, stopped drinking energy drinks and not doing exercise any more than before (i walk between 13 and 20km a day due to my work, that hasnt changed or increased either). Feeling better, looking better, and not really complining much about VAT since its normal where im from. I do have an issue with stupid decimals everywhere now. Dont charge me 32.15 and steal my 10 fils. Charge me 33 and i wont say a word.

thelordofunderpants 2 years ago

Not much different than the last year. I however have stopped making any extra attempts at scrounging money at every opportunity. It helps that I don't eat at fancy places or go shopping or watch movies. I guess I'm just stuck in a monotonous loop. All I want is to move abroad to maybe Canada or USA but at the moment with only 3 years of work experience, it doesn't seem possible.

mrgambitz 2 years ago

well i just got 8 k off tuition through scholarship, my dad is finally recovered fully from his cancer and back at work. Now just need to get my little brother here and i'm all set.

JCdentonManderley 2 years ago

Sigh....I can't even begin to say what I feel here. The happiness ministry might go orwellian on me.

DubaiBloke 2 years ago

Good luck!

TenFoldMassacre 2 years ago

Met this guy who goes by the name of Jack, Jack Shit.

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