Online SEO Checker Says Zero Pages Indexed?

Hi guys, I'm a little confused. My site used to be ranking around spot 3 for a competitive local term in a medium sized major US metro. Recently, we've dropped out of the top 100. I'm not super surprised by this as we have no backlinks. However...

I just used a free online SEO checker and it is saying that we have ZERO pages indexed. In my browser, if I type, it is showing me the pages from our website.

Why is the online SEO checker (neil patel's) telling me that we have 0 indexed pages? Is this likely a mistake on their behalf or is it possible something screwy is going on and this is why we suddenly dropped out of the top 100 results from spot 3?

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SEOPub 11 months ago

Exactly this. I wouldn't care about anything coming from Neil. I'm sure his tools are as bad as his SEO advice.

vfefer 11 months ago

Who cares what that tool says? What does search console say?

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