Online SEO Checker Says Zero Pages Indexed?

Hi guys, I'm a little confused. My site used to be ranking around spot 3 for a competitive local term in a medium sized major US metro. Recently, we've dropped out of the top 100. I'm not super surprised by this as we have no backlinks. However...

I just used a free online SEO checker and it is saying that we have ZERO pages indexed. In my browser, if I type, it is showing me the pages from our website.

Why is the online SEO checker (neil patel's) telling me that we have 0 indexed pages? Is this likely a mistake on their behalf or is it possible something screwy is going on and this is why we suddenly dropped out of the top 100 results from spot 3?

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SEOPub 2 years ago

Exactly this. I wouldn't care about anything coming from Neil. I'm sure his tools are as bad as his SEO advice.

vfefer 2 years ago

Who cares what that tool says? What does search console say?

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