Out of Dubai for six months and back for a trip. Top things to know and see that has "changed"?

My friend has been out of Dubai for six months and is back for a short trip. What are the top things she should know and see that has changed? My list so far:

KNOW: Additional Salik gates (important one is Safa and MOE now duplicate), new traffic rules, Reel Cinemas is Roxy at some places, talk of VAT and TAX, ...?

SEE: Apple store at Dubai Mall, ...?

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1Deerintheheadlights 2 years ago

Icebergs for cooler weather... Mission to Mars The U is almost complete The Creek has water 20C Lots of summer bachelors School's out for summer

khalj 2 years ago

There are now roughly 403 new burger joints that have opened up, "insert random verb here" Burger

anotherdxbguy 2 years ago

Palm Jebel Ali is finally complet- Oh wait, never mind.

drromancer 2 years ago

You now got smiley faces plastered everywhere...

ballisticbanana999 2 years ago

Yep. A sinking tide has risen the boats we hoped would sink.

diginomsa 2 years ago

KNOW: can use Emirates ID as e-Gate at airport. (I remember paying a couple hundred dirhams for e-gate card before!)

diginomsa 2 years ago

SEE: Hangry Hanger food warehouse, near Tom & Serg Al Quoz.

diginomsa 2 years ago

SEE: Bubble soccer at Al Quoz 1, Dhs 120

diginomsa 2 years ago

"The Law requires any Person conducting any type of business to keep accounting records and commercial books, as well as any tax-related information as determined by the Law. Tax returns, data, information, records and documents must be submitted to the Authority in Arabic."

nor_iqhwan 2 years ago

What other types of tax are being talked about? Its only VAT/GST on luxury goods and restaurants bro.

diginomsa 2 years ago

KNOW: Hotels are cheaper, but food more expensive. (even Shawarma!!)

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