Pixel 3XL - MYUS shipping - Customs & VAT or just customs?

If I order a Pixel 3 XL from the US Play Store to my "myus address" and get it shipped to UAE, do I get charged a. 5% customs or b. 5% customs + 5% VAT on the phone's price?

(The phone costs AED 3300 so its way above the AED 1000 threshold for customs).

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xcal15 1 year ago

I did but Google automatically cancelled the order. Emailed me saying that they aren't shipping to known mail forwarders etc Lost around 200 on CC foreign currency fees lol P. S - the phone is 200 usd cheaper on black Friday so hold off

drukkleresy 1 year ago

Did you order it eventually? Planning to order the same. Would appreciate if you can share what were the charges. And when do we pay these charges. And do they deliver at home or we have to go to the post office?

LODI4S 1 year ago

I think you can declare the value from their website, if so declare it as 10-50$, you won't have to pay vat n stuff

aouniat 1 year ago

5% customs + 5% VAT + custom clearance fees (Not sure if the shipping courier for MYUS charges this. Aramix S&S does charge clearance fees). Don't buy, that's a lot of money to be paid.

xcal15 1 year ago

Not planning on staying here for long and need the warranty provided by Google USA itself :)

FraudMallu 1 year ago

As this dude said, wait to buy it from Souq so that if anything goes wrong you can ask Souq to collect it back to get the phone fixed.

AMysticalAlliance 1 year ago

DO NOT buy it and import it. I would wait until local stores or dod_uae on souq starts selling it. Just like the Pixel 2 XL, the Pixel 3 XL has issues. You would have to pay to have the phone shipped back for warranty claims. You will probably be charged as option b.

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