Recommendation needed: PWC alternative for global tax strategy for UAE based startup?

Help! I have a LLE in Fujairah and started to have clients in Europe and the US. Now the whole withholding tax issue has become pretty complex pretty quick and am not sure whether is should set up in Delaware additionally to at least to some extend minimize the tax burden (paying on income rather than 30% withholding on revenue..). I am trying to find a tax consultant familiar with especially US-UAE transactions that I can pay for a few hours to provide advice. A smaller PWC alternative or an individual... any recommendations ?

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startuphameed 1 year ago

yopla 1 year ago

Russell King in Bahrain is pretty good.

sharjah111 1 year ago

Which make up the big 4

splitair 1 year ago Have met their team & they seem pretty knowledgeable.

non-hetero 1 year ago

I can think of three other options.

Gavtek 1 year ago

Youd be best off sticking to one of the Big 4 to be honest. The UAE part of the equation is quite small, the US/Europe WHT laws will be mostly the same for any country that payment is remitted to (unless there is a Double Taxation Treaty in place). The chances of finding a reliable, cheaper consultant based in UAE with knowledge of US and individual European country tax laws are quite small Id say. Try PKF, Ive never used them but they have useful country specific tax guides on their website that I have often used for reference purposes:

h673 1 year ago

Thanks a lot u/getaway_ninja. I am with HLB-Hamt, they do my accounting but unfortunately werent too conversant around this.

getaway_ninja 1 year ago

I have a contact in HLB-Hamt, it's an audit/CPA firm who provides advisory services. PM me.

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