So it begins

Ok so first KFC order of the new year and this is my bill. They raised delivery charges to 6.5 dhs, the Supreme meal to 22.5 and of course VAT

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Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

To add insult to injury

jony_86 1 year ago

discount total = 0 : lol

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

yup. you summed it up very well. we'll have to wait and take each month on its own.

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

Yanni, venting out, maybe be more conscious about what we are paying for.

edpanes 1 year ago

That's not even 5%.. I hope people would stop buying ice cream temporarily until they reduce the price.

ram_dxb 1 year ago

What to do, Yanni.

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

Where i go they just raised it by 5 Dhs and said "se la vie"...... The guys can't even read and write arabic even though they are Egyptians but se la vie the know

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

This is worse than i thought :( i mean ice cream is our go to solution when we are depressed now its another reason to add to the list :(

fizzy66 1 year ago

I paid VAT on the bill at a shisha cafe and had to pay VAT on using my card to pay as well....

ammarfrz 1 year ago

Baskin has done this too.. a value scoop used to be 10 now its 12.5 and was charged VAT on top of it

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

Yeah we already knew that sort off with the price hiking the past few weeks but it still hits hard :( lets hope we last the year.

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

I hate to check what better places are charging if KFC is like this now :(

Java_Beans 1 year ago

Just to give you a heads up, the prices will increase for many services. I have been in touch with many businesses in Dubai who wanted to raise their price for a while and they finally see the VAT as their chance. Your service/item costs 8.5 AED? With VAT it will be 8.9, why not increase it to 10 already?

JCdentonManderley 1 year ago

lol nothing will happen

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

Well i'm sure no one wants to mess up the big mac price index.

AngryBigMac 1 year ago

Well a big mac still costs 15 dirhams so that's good news.

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

I called and the guys explained they will look into it but KFC might have submitted a request to raise the prices of some items/services starting new years.

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

We should "plain" this out otherwise your additional 1.5 will become 150.

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

I don't know about you. But i don't think what they add is actual lettuce despite them calling it so. ????

ammarfrz 1 year ago

Lettuce make a scene about this

ItsBlackRedGold 1 year ago

You REALLY don't like lettuce, do you.

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

so what is the 2.76 at the end titled VAT ?

Blue_Lightning_17586 1 year ago

yup 30% increase in delivery charges aside from VAT :(

alexnadalin 1 year ago 600545555 Have fun, they deserve it :)

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Actually, in this case, the meal prices include VAT.

minyoooongi 1 year ago

So on top of 5% VAT, they also increased the delivery charge to 6.5 from 5. I mean, is it not enough that we are already paying an additional 5%? xD

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