Ecommerce trade license and vat reg. necessary?

I have been planning of starting a small ecommerce website in uae, wondering if it is necessary to have a trade license and reg for vat? (especially when starting up and dont want to spend huge amounts on registration charges and all) i will be mainly operating it from outside the country and store

Posted 7 February, 2018

Emirates Post heads-up: Receiving a package now costs 10AED + VAT

So yesterday I went to the post office to collect 2 small packages from Aliexpress. Ended up paying 20+3 AED to receive them. When I asked, they informed me that all packages (even books!) are now charged 10AED + VAT each, apart from documents. I had to wait twice: first to claim the packages, secon

Posted 7 February, 2018

Driving license late renewal fees?

Hey everyone, does anyone know how much do you pay for each late month after your driving license expire when you renew it ? My license expired 6 months ago and I was out of the country and I’m just wondering about the fees. Ps: I have RAK license. Update: went to RAK Police HQ today, payed

Posted 8 February, 2018

Stores are using VAT as an excuse to hike prices? 3 days in and the new tax is already a mess

I just came back from Dubai Mall, and would like to report on some of my findings. Most shops have updated all their in-store prices instead of adding a tax price on the final bill. And in every case, the price increases are significantly more than 5%. This is very obvious in electronics stores, su

Posted 8 February, 2018

How much TAX would you pay back home?

Let's think positive for a few minutes. :) Me I would have to give roughly 50% of my income salary as tax. Then everything would have a 20% VAT (Except food at 5.5%). I would then pay around 2500 AED/year as housing tax. I remember my last year back home, I got a bonus that pushed me up a tax brac

Posted 8 February, 2018

Businesses/Companies that are absorbing the VAT

They are the heroes so I suggest we make a list and start supporting them. I'll start: McDonald's. The prices haven't changed at all. So i will continue to buy breakfast there. Ikea has not changed the prices either.

Posted 8 February, 2018