Council tax query

Hello! I know similar questions have been asked before, and I am trying to speak to a human in my council (hammersmith and fulham) but it's impossible. I moved into a new property in August, I tried to set up a direct debit with the council. As I found it impossible both through the phone or online

Posted 18 April, 2018

Any Americans living in London filing tax returns here?

My friend (American), who's lived here for 2 years just found out he should be paying US tax - on top of paying UK income tax. Is this right? Seriously - Americans have to pay tax twice? Is there a way to estimate how much he should be paying? edit: thanks all, doesn't sound like you have to pay u

Posted 12 February, 2018

I need to find an accountant in London to deal with tax returns, recommendations?

What it says on the tin, its just to sort out my personal stuff some paye and freelance, thanks.

Posted 12 February, 2018

Working out of London in a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa - how does my tax filing work?

I know that if I work in Canada as usual, I file taxes and it's pretty easy and I usually get a nice sum back. Am I still entitled to that sum? I was on 25K GBP salary, then 30K GBP salary, then 50K GBP salary, starting on January 2015 and up to present day. I've never had a job abroad before, so I'

Posted 12 February, 2018

Diesel Car Tax in London

I&#39;ve been trying to research this subject but all I can really see if a couple of Guardian articles.</p> <p>I just bought a car, and it is a diesel. To be honest, no reason why. I&#39;m no motor head, I just liked the look and that it had a sat nav. </p> <p>Now

Posted 12 February, 2018

Survive in London on a salary of £20k? (1666 after tax per month)

What are your honest thoughts on this? Unless I have counted wrong, it comes out to roughly £1666 pcm after taxes. 10 600 is tax free. The rest, 9400, is taxed at 20%. Is there anything wrong with this? Rent: 750 Bills: 50 Food: 250 Commute: 230 (monthly travelcard, zone 1-6).

Posted 12 February, 2018

Should London have a tourist tax?

In some big European cities (and small ones too) like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Rome, there is a tourist tax. Further afield New York has one too. These vary from fixed rates depending on your class of accommodation or percentages of your accommodation price. Some may charge per person and oth

Posted 12 February, 2018